How Real Estate Investments In the USA Can Increase Your Profit!


Real estate investments in the USA have produced more wealth than any other industry.

Millionaires say the property business is still the best investment you can make today!

Many people are skeptical and think they need significant ready capital before they invest.

People get very excited when new developments are touted as the next BIG thing.

If receiving monthly checks without having to spend your weekend away from family and hobbies sounds attractive—then you’re interested in making money in real estate.

Learning how to make money in real estate is about learning how to enjoy consistent returns for the rest of your life.

No matter your age now, it’s about setting yourself up for financial security from today until long past your retirement.

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Develop the Right Mindset for Real Estate Investments

When you have the right expectation and mindset, making money in the real estate business is realistic.

Most beginners think there is a basic step-by-step road map to find the right properties for a song and then sell it for a hundredfold profit.

In business, things don’t work out this way.

It would help if you learned to develop the right mindset for real estate investing before making any actual money.


Real estate investments are not get-rich-quick-schemes.

In fact, at Noble Sky, we have often reminded our investors that this is a get-rich-slow business.

You can’t make money overnight when you invest in properties.

Stay Focused

Real estate investments are for the mid to long term. It is not liquid.

You will need to stay disciplined and wait for your real estate investment to prosper.

Real estate investments are not for you if you are easily distracted and often think of promises for a quick return.

Stay disciplined, and your efforts will eventually pay off.

Leave Your Emotions Out of Business

Once you realize that real estate investment is a business, every decision you make is a business decision.

To make money in real estate, you mustn’t allow your emotions to play up.

Enjoy the process.

Remember not to buy or sell when you’re feeling emotional.

Educate Yourself

Learn as much as you can about the real estate industry.

There is so much to learn about properties, as it turns out; it is more complicated than just location, location, locations.

You can learn about property valuation, cash flow, taxes, and the list goes on.

Many other factors help determine if an investment is right.

It would be best if you educate yourself about this industry before you invest.

Take Action

After learning, you may be excited to start but could feel nervous and worried.

Remember, sometimes too much knowledge and analysis can cause paralysis.

You won’t enjoy any returns until you finally take the next action—start investing.

Ignore Poor Advice

If the source of your advice is from a well-meaning friend who has never bought a single property, should you listen to it?

Is the source reliable or unqualified?

Does it come as a get-rich-quick scheme?

The best is, ignore it.

Whether it’s a friend or a family member, ignore anyone who tries dissuading you from making money in real estate, or you never will.

Once you have the correct mindset in place, learning to make real estate money becomes much more comfortable.

How Real Estate Investments In the USA Can Increase Your Profit!

Look at Properties as Investments

A common beginner’s mistake is buying a house that they would want to live in themselves.

As a real estate investor, you need to view every potential property as an income-generating investment.

Just as you don’t buy a stock because you consume the product the company makes – you buy it because the market values that product, and there is potential for growth and expansion.

The same principles apply to real estate investments.

Before you buy a property, you need to ask pertinent questions.

Will it produce the returns I require?

Is it in an area that will attract the ideal tenants?

Does it appeal to the tenants that will support long-term property prices?

Should You Buy A New Development?

The Southeast Asia property scene may hold many opportunities for buying into new condominium developments.

Investing in emerging markets is not with any inherent risks.

For larger new cities with new-build projects, the building approval process and construction are long and arduous.

It is better to research and buy existing properties in a flourishing neighborhood with cash  – than face the challenges of being tied down with a 30-year mortgage, interest rate hike, and low resale market.


The risk is an oversupply if there are many recent developments—with the low secondary market.

Most people buy into recent developments in Asia.

Many suffer the same fate from a condo shopping hangover to start-ups without an angel investor tirelessly putting in new funds.

Do Real Estate Investments In the USA Make You Real Money?

You can make money in real estate, even if you’re starting.

Yes, it takes money to make money.

You don’t need a lot of starting capital to make money in the real estate industry.

If someone says you can own property for Zero down, you need to ask if they use a conventional mortgage.

How long is the tenure? 30 years?

What is the interest rate?

And who is footing the 20% down payment?

Real estate investments in the USA are the only place to make you actual money when buying CASH.

In the United States, there are plenty of examples of people who made money in real estate.

How Do Real Estate Investments In the USA Work?

In the US, you can go for distressed properties, lower-priced homes, and flipping contracts.

You can buy properties for a fraction of the market price, rehab, and resell them to ready American home buyers.

Contrary to people’s beliefs, it is easier to invest in the USA than in Southeast Asia.

The US is ranked as the number one country for planned real estate investment by a substantial margin.

The US market’s strengths include the United States’ robust economy, transparent capital markets, and innovation reputation.

With over 47 Types of Investment Properties in the USA, including senior housing, infrastructure, medical office buildings, and student housing as alternative asset classes – Which Should You Buy?

Most people stop dead in their tracks because they believe they need to get started without understanding how the process works.

How Does Real Estate Investment Work?

Real estate investing works on the simple concept of cash flow.

In essence, this means your income has to exceed your outgoing expenses.

We know this as a positive cash flow.

Positive cash flow can work for long-term residential and commercial rentals, and it will work for short-term vacation rentals.

Is it the right time to invest in real estate?


Real estate investing is a source that generates the most wealth in our history.

Know Your Financial Goals Before You Start Real Estate Investment

No matter how good the deal sound and even if it makes sense to you – you can’t invest if you don’t have any money.

Take your finances into account and look at your finances; you need to decide how much you can afford to spend.

Everyone reacts and responds differently to money.

Your investment goals and financial freedom dream will look different from someone else’s.

Foremost, you need to decide on your goals, the amount of money you want to invest, and the kinds of returns your dream life requires.

Otherwise, several years down the road, you may realize that you invested too little to hit your financial target.

How Real Estate Investments In the USA Can Increase Your Profit!

Can You Make A Living Investing In Real Estate?

There are two ways to generate cash for real estate income.

Traditionally, you can generate Passive Income from rental and capital gains.

You do this by buying and holding property.

To generate an Active Income, you can Flip Contract—Rehab an ugly building with these five renovations that adds value to your property.

  1. Kitchen remodeling (update fixtures, electrical appliances)
  2. Master Bedroom
  3. Bathrooms upgrade (change fittings)
  4. Electrical and Plumbing
  5. Overall Painting

Or you could learn to put together property development deals.

This may seem overwhelming and intimidating on the first take, but you will make this your niche once you gain exposure.

How Real Estate Investments In the USA Can Increase Your Profit!

How Can I Invest In Real Estate With No Money?

You need money to make money, so investing in real estate with ZERO money is impossible.

Just as you can’t walk away without paying for a meal, buying a house or property without actual money is impossible.

You might have heard of these methods; some of these work, and the rest, don’t.

You need to be gainfully employed; if you are in business, you will need proof of business.

You can use a variety of methods to invest in real estate.

  • Seller financing through lease options
  • Trading fixed assets such as cars, jewelry, and more
  • Taking over someone else’s mortgage payments which might be in a distressed situation
  • Bringing in an investment partner with cash
  • Borrowing from a bank or getting a hard money loan
  • Taking out a home equity line of credit
  • Using a peer-to-peer lending network


Everything boiled down to having cash in the end.

In America, you will need a good credit score.

A credit score or a credit rating is a number that reflects the likelihood of your paying credit (loan) back.

The higher your credit score – the better your chances of being accepted for a loan at the best rates.

Your credit score influences your chances of approval for Credit cards, loans, and mortgages.

1. Long-Term Residential Rentals

Long-term buy-and-hold residential rentals are one of the most common methods for making money in real estate.

You need to do due diligence to source your property by keeping three principles in your mind: location, location, location.

Location is everything for real estate.

Not only does location apply for an increased asset value over time, but it also helps to rent the property quickly to a long-term tenant.

Rundown homes in great locations are one of the wisest and best investment decisions you can make.

Long-term residential rentals are an excellent strategy for buying a property with cash on hand and holding the property for long-term rental as the equity gain increases.

The best property to look for is a pre-existing, income-producing property.

If this is a positive cash flow residential rental, then it could be a substantial investment.

Unless the current owner is unloading the property for personal reasons (divorce or death), another may need to liquidate that property quickly due to migration.

To buy such gems from a motivated seller, you need to pay cash.

2. Lease Options

A Lease Option is a way to buy and sell properties without taking an immediate conventional mortgage.

Buyers who don’t qualify for a mortgage could lease a home while improving their credit scores or saving a down payment.

Lease options are a great way to get started in real estate without putting in significant capital upfront.

In a Lease Option, you’re leasing with an option to buy the property.

When the property’s price rises, if your agreement states a pre-set price for purchasing the property, this will work well.

If the property market climbs substantially, you can buy that property at a discount.

You could also sell your rights for that purchase to someone else and make a profit.

As long as you can exercise the option at the end of the lease, you could profit.

How Real Estate Investments In the USA Can Increase Your Profit!

3. Home Renovation Flips

Many would-be investors may remember the American reality television series “Flipping Vegas,” a quest to renovate rundown homes in Las Vegas and sell them for a profit.

Many new investors think they can buy abandoned homes and do an interior makeover to entice buyers to buy them at an escalated value.

It looks so easy! The fix-and-flip culture has exploded.

Many people are now open to buying an old home.

Make a few cosmetic fixes, a splash of color put it back on the market, and pocket a huge profit.

The good-looking and well-dressed TV investors make the entire process look fun, fast, and profitable.

Making money on a home-renovation flip is straightforward — as long as you understand the underlying costs and potential value.

Without experience and local knowledge, you could find yourself in a fix if you select the “wrong” house.

What is Noble Sky International’s advice for Real Estate Investments? 

The actual value is knowing where to find the ugliest homes in the nicest neighborhoods.

While buying a cheap property at an auction may appear profitable, you could lose money.

To accurately determine if you will make a profit, you need to know your investment numbers.

You will also need to know how to research and find the properties; you need to be well-networked with

  • real estate agents,
  • general contractors.

You need to know your numbers and understand the after-repair value. How much will the home be worth once you’ve invested in the repairs?

Success as a real estate investor has as much to do with how creatively you can solve problems as it does how well you can crunch the numbers.

4. Contract Flipping

Contract Flipping is a way you can make money from real estate without putting in huge capital.

You do this by buying from a motivated seller, rehabbing the building then selling it to a ready-to-go buyer.

  • Flipping real estate contracts or wholesaling real estate involves finding a property for sale.
  • Signing a real estate assignment contract with the seller.
  • Flipping the contract to another buyer for a profit.

Matching prime homes that are already vacant with minimal renovation with a ready buyer is an excellent opportunity for you to have a ready network.

To do this, identify either vacant homes or homes on the Wholesaler’s listing.

Another way to do this is by bidding at county auctions.

5. Short Sales

Short Sales occur before the period of foreclosure.

The current owner may be behind on their mortgage and hope to profit from their existing mortgage payments before the house is auctioned.

All parties, the property owner, the bank, and the buyer, must agree to the transaction for this to happen.

Short Sales can be an excellent opportunity to make a quick profit without investing in a lengthy renovation process.

You usually don’t get to view the property and site condition before buying the home outright in cash.

Unless you’re a seasoned investor, jumping in without an inspection and complete inspection or review could be risky.

While the potential return on a quick sale can be instantaneous – you still must negotiate a relatively fair price.

Depending on how badly the bank wants to unload that property, it could sit around and wait for another buyer.

6. Vacation Real Estate Investments

Vacation rentals in highly trafficked tourist locales are a way to build up a substantial passive income stream.

Locations like Miami, Los Angeles, and San Diego are tourist hotbeds known for high-demand short-term rentals.

If you want to make a lucrative side hustle income from vacation rentals, you need to own the properties to make money.

You could help manage local owners’ existing rental businesses and vacation rentals.

Managing vacation rentals by providing a high-end consumer experience is an excellent way to ensure your vacation tenants’ utmost satisfaction.

You can list your vacation rentals on a site like Airbnb, HomeAway, or FlipKey.

How Real Estate Investments In the USA Can Increase Your Profit!

7. Hard-Money Lending

If you have ready capital, you can become a Hard-money lender and provide short-term loans to people who don’t qualify for a mortgage.

As these loans are often for very brief periods, the interest rates are high.

As you build your network, capital, and a substantial portfolio of deals, you could make a great return rate by providing these bridge loans.

It can be a way to generate a nice profit in the short term and keep your cash fairly liquid at the same time.

8. Commercial Real Estate Investments

Commercial real estate is one of the most lucrative sources for profits and generating rental income in the real estate market.

The right physical location of commercial real estate is an opportunity for investors to make considerable money in this niche.

You can start with a retail unit before opening up shopping malls and developing large-scale buildings and complexes.

Business owners will need office space, and retail shops need high-traffic locations to run their businesses.

Best of all, we begin by finding out what you want from life to make sure your real estate investments will provide it.

Contact us today and begin benefiting from our proven expertise in investing in US real estate.










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