Property Investment Company In Singapore – How Do Property Investment Companies Work?

A property investment company can typically manage the purchase and reselling of a property on your behalf.

Many Singaporeans are investing their money and building a portfolio filled with dozens of real estate projects.

Each project is carefully handpicked and proactively developed to grow its net worth.

How Does A Property Investment Company In Singapore Work?

At Noble Sky International, we source a wide range of high-yielding investment properties through wholesaling and auctions in the United States.

We purchase the properties on behalf of our investors, intending to enhance their value either through house-flipping or lease them out to gain a substantial return for our investors.

We also guide our investors to invest only in safe and secure real estate investments, which provide speedy returns.

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Can A Property Investment Company In Singapore Find The Best Deals?

Noble Sky International has its US team in the United States to ensure that our investors are well placed to identify the most lucrative property investment opportunities in the real estate markets to provide the best deals for our clients.

Planning For Your Property Investment Portfolios

Investing in real estate can be a lucrative move. As an investor, you need to make an informed decision.

If you have thought about investing in real estate and are motivated to get started – you will need to take proactive action to find out how.

We recommend that you do your research based on your unique financial situation.

Different Types Of Property Investment

Several property types and real estate investments are available if you’re looking to invest in Singapore or otherwise.

Once you’ve learned about the different real estate investment options listed below, you would want to think about the ideal one you’re comfortable with investing in.

You would also want to set your financial goals based on your budget, time, and goal-based delivery and exit plans.

Allow me to share with you the different types of investment before you jump right in.

  • Vacant Land
  • Single Family Homes
  • Small Multifamily Properties
  • Large Multifamily Properties
  • Commercial Property Investment
  • Mobile Homes
  • Notes/Paper/Mortgages

Evaluate Before Making Your Decision

One of the critical things you would want to learn is how to evaluate a location or a particular neighborhood before making your decision.

My advice is not to invest in a city or locality that you are not familiar with.

I always stress the importance of having a team on the ground to evaluate different considerations.

These considerations are such as finding the right location in a good neighborhood.

As the saying goes – Location, Location, Location.

Find out the pros and cons so that you can be assured that you make an informed decision when jump-starting your investment process.

While emotions affect purchasing decisions – If you are hungry, you are more likely to buy more food than if you just had a meal.

When it come to property – you buy base on location, not emotions.

Property Investment Company In Singapore

When it comes to property – you buy base on location, not emotions.

If That Feels Like Too Much Work To Do On Your Own.


Who Is A Property Investor?

A property investor or investment entrepreneur is someone who actively or passively invests in real estate.

An active investor may buy a property, rehab the building (make repairs and improvements), and then flip it later for a profit.

How Do I Become A Property Investor?

The older generation of Singaporeans loves to invest in properties.

The property prices in our island state have since then soared beyond the means of the average Singaporean.

When I was a working adult, I  met many affluent people who have made their fortune from buying condominiums for low prices – then selling them today for more than a few million.

It is a smart move to be a property investor if you consider the following.

Capital Growth vs. Compound Interest

Here’s one example – A single-story terrace house in Penang, Malaysia, that my uncle bought for $70,000 in the 1970s now has a market value of over $900,000.

This 10X capital gain over 50 years is astronomical.

My uncle paid a 10% deposit and took a 90% mortgage for 30 years for a simple comparison.

His monthly repayment was $500.

Let’s say instead of buying a house; you decide to put your $7000 in a savings account and continue to save $500 a month for 30 years with a compound interest of 6%.

I know some of you are laughing now as the best FD rate of 2018 hovers at 1.7%

Based on a Compound Interest Calculator;
Initial Deposit $7000
Monthly Deposit $500
Investment period 30 years
Estimated Rate of Return – 6%
Future Balance: $514,717

By purchasing a house, my uncle grew his wealth to $900,000, which is called Capital Growth, an appreciation of the value of an asset over some time.

This goes to show that property investment is a safe and sure way to accumulate wealth.

Property Investment Company In Singapore

Effects Of Inflation On Investments

But if you factor in the cost of inflation, you may say, where would he live now if your uncle sells that property?

This is how property investment works.

The first property should be the one that provides you and your family shelter, financial and emotional security.

Your investments are the second, third, fourth, or even fifth and sixth properties.

“How is that possible?” you may ask.

I can barely make the down payment for my first property with my $10,000 savings in the bank.

Property Investment Company In Singapore

As inflation increases, the investment value diminishes, and the consumer ends up paying more for less because of the decreased value of the dollar.

How Much Money Do I Need To Become A Property Investor?

Generally, a property investment partnership takes an investment between $5,000 and $50,000.

While $5,000 isn’t enough to purchase a condominium unit in Singapore, several partnerships with multiple investors “crowdfunding” their money together can buy a shared property and co-owned by several investors.

This will be an ideal win-win situation.

Can I Invest In Real Estate With Just $5000?

One of the surest ways to achieve financial independence is by investing in real estate.

If you do a Google search, most billionaires and millionaires have prospered from their investment in properties.

This may seem like an impossible achievement for a newbie.

However, taking the first steps with the results in mind will propel you to make continued progress.

Even if you have a modest amount to start with, there are ways to start investing and growing your initial investment or portfolios.

In the past, this venture costs thousands of dollars in initial investment.

Once you understand that real estate is a tangible path to wealth, you will need a willingness to move quickly when you see an opportunity.

The consistency of your investment grows over the years as you learn the ropes along the way.

In a nutshell, you don’t need six figures in the bank to be a Property Investor today.

It starts with a solid financial plan and a willingness to learn more.

How Do I Set My Investment Goals?

Now that you have started doing your homework, you will need to set an initial investment range.

You need to have a goal and know how much you have to invest. Is it $5000, $10000, $50000 or more?

Where Should My Money Be Invested?

At Noble Sky International, we help you achieve your investment goals by investing in a wide range of high-yielding investment property through auctions in the United States.

These can be from a variety of models or a combination of assets;

  • Vacant Land
  • Single Family Homes
  • Small Multifamily Properties
  • Large Multifamily Properties
  • Commercial Property Investment

What Are My Investment Goals?

Your investment goal should be as specific as possible.

Rather than writing, “I want to be the largest real estate mogul.”

Perhaps writing something more achievable in a shorter time frame is more realistic than a long-term goal.

“I want to achieve $10,000, so I can go on a holiday in Europe for a month” is a simple, straightforward goal that some young newbie investors have in mind.

Next, you need to reverse-engineer what you need to do to get to that point.

What will be the initial investment amount required to get you started?

How Do I Find The Cash For My Property Investment?

Many of us think that as a starving college student or even living on a meager salary makes investing is almost an impossible dream.

Some of you may now have realized that you need to start saving.

You will know that you need to put aside some of your disposable income away – to fund your investing dreams.

Remember, the goal is for your Property Investment to fund your dreams ultimately!

So, let’s start with the end goal in mind. Perhaps it involves some sacrifices.

You may choose to cut down some lifestyle wants and start saving immediately.

Some of our young newbie investors tell us that they have a guilt-free coffee they make at home instead of a branded specialty coffee at the mall.

This $9 a day saving is where they can start immediately.

So, start your new budget.

It is not impossible to raise funds quickly with a side hustle.

Property Investment Company In Singapore

Get a rough gauge of how much you’ll need, and start planning your budget!

What are My Property Investment Options?

For an investor, one of the most important things to know is to understand your risk appetite.

Not everyone sees property investment in the same way.

Some options may have higher risks and higher investment requirements.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways to invest.

Traditional Property Investment

Traditional Property Investment involves buying properties to rent out to tenants and collecting a monthly rental as a profitable income.

Many Singaporeans love to grow their wealth this way.

Before you make that leap, let’s look at some of the cons of traditional property investment.

In the days before the internet, you would need to search through dozens of listings.

You may need to visit several properties before you decide if the property is suitable for rental purposes.

After that, you will need to spend a considerable amount of time searching for tenants.

Next, you will need to show the property to the tenants.

Once you have secured the tenants, you will need to prepare the necessary tenancy agreements.

When the tenants have moved in, you will start to collect your rental income.

Property Management Issues

Periodically, you will need to deal with some minor property management issues.

However, you may have to deal with some unpleasant situations with delinquent payment and even eviction in some instances.

Sometimes there are overlooked duties of maintenance and unforeseen property management you may need y

Buying a tenant-occupied home does not always work in your favor.

There is a risk in the event of a considerable increase in mortgage payment or a decline in the housing market.

Sometimes the rental is not enough to cover your mortgage repayment and maintenance costs.

Crowd Funded Property Investment

If buying and owning your property for rental is not appealing, perhaps you may want to consider a crowdfunded Property Investment.

As a crowdfunded Property Investment participant, you are part of a group of other investors who pool their money together.

Investors lend or invest with an experienced rental Property Investment Company to manage an investment portfolio.

As a newbie, you stand to profit from the Property Investment Company’s expertise and skill with a minimal investment of time with minimal risk.

One of the benefits of this option is that you can track your investment portfolio.

You will also get a periodic update and a year-end summary.

Crowdfunded Property Investment gives investors access to a variety of investing deals.

This has worked well for newbies with limited time, resources, or level of experience.

This unique model offered by Noble Sky International takes out the hassle of directly managing the property and tenants.

Your risk and workload are minimized, yet you stand to gain profits.

How Do I Get Started With Property Investments?

There are many free resources for you to learn the basics of property investment.

Many of my investors started by searching on Google.

There are also property investment seminars that will point you in the right direction.

If you continue to Google, you will find plenty of Property Investment books, podcasts, and free information online as well.

You can even join a forum and speak with other property investors.

How Long Is My Money Invested?

In our experience of acquitting properties from an auction, the normal process takes about 24 months to 36 months.

This includes getting the proper legal documents in place, the rehab process, reselling the property on the market for the best price, and exiting.

How Do I Monitor My Property Investment?

We will provide periodic updates to our investors.

Will I Receive A Statement?

We will also provide a statement to our investors.

How Do I Contact A Property Investment Company in Singapore?

You can contact Noble Sky International for a free consultation and learn more.

While you trawl online, you are bombarded with images of expensive homes.

You may have watched many episodes of House Flipping TV Shows in the process.

You can also learn the basics of many useful free guides online.

Many investors tell me that they have signed up with expensive Property Investment seminars to learn.

My question to my investors is this;

“Are you able to take the next step and make your first investment with all the information you have gathered?”

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