What Are The Property Foreclosure Predictions for 2023?

Many inexperienced investors are looking for signals of foreclosure predictions in 2023.

The phrase “hot” was overused to characterize the US housing market in 2021.

Do You Need Clarification About The Housing Market?

What Are The Property Foreclosure Predictions for 2023?

Are we finally out of the woods?

Here’s what you should know about the US real estate market and what happened.

During the pandemic, the property market in the United States grew as homebound people sought new places to live, boosted by record-low mortgage rates.

High home prices and a low supply are among the factors contributing to the slowdown.

The cooling measures of the otherwise raging property bubble have been astonishingly quick.

Realtors who previously reported bidding wars now claim homes are languishing for extended periods, and sellers are forcing sellers to lower their expectations.

This leaves potential buyers and sellers needing clarification about where they should go.

According to experts, as recession concerns weigh on consumer outlooks, research shows that uncertainty and the looming recession have buyers on edge.

What Are The Property Foreclosure Predictions for 2023?

Foreclosure Notice

Housing Market Foreclosure Predictions 2023 – Will Home Prices Drop?

According to ATTOM Data Solutions, a leading curator of real estate data, foreclosures may have reached their peak after steadily increasing following the Covid-19 foreclosure moratorium’s expiration in September 2021.

Although foreclosure stats are up 57% from last year, between October and November 2022, they decreased by 5%.

In November, foreclosure activity increased 57% year on year, quadrupling from the same month in 2020.

As unemployment is currently low and mortgage delinquency rates below historical averages, we could continue to see below-normal foreclosure activities.

A notable change from the previous housing crisis is that many homeowners (even those having trouble making payments) have increased their homes’ prices in recent years.

Previously, homeowners owed more than the house was worth.

Foreclosure Predictions 2023

Foreclosure Predictions 2023

Even when the foreclosure ban was removed, there were few foreclosures since the home equity had increased considerably.

In other words, homeowners are not underwater.

In 2023, When Should I Buy A House?

Buying an investment property in any market is a personal decision for first-time investors.

As first homes are the most expensive single purchase, many need to know how critical it is to establish a sound financial basis before making a purchase.

Estimate your monthly housing costs with a mortgage calculator based on your down payment and interest rate.

There are better home-buying strategies than any foreclosure predictions.

There will be a little reduction in house prices in 2023 but putting off investment because you think prices will drop tomorrow is not a strategy.

However, you shouldn’t anticipate a widespread, nationwide home price decline similar to that which followed the 2008 financial crisis.

Investors waiting to buy in anticipation of reduced pricing tomorrow may end up disappointed. According to experts that there is no perfect investment property.

If you have a finite shortlist of the fundamental assessment criteria, then the selection of the home is less emotionally based.

A house you like in a neighborhood that meets your budget is the one for you.

However, if you become too emotionally involved, you can have buyer’s remorse when forced to sell the property.

Here are the criteria that Noble Sky International uses in our strategies.

1. Affordability

First, determine your budget. With NSI’s strategy, we buy using cash.

A house up to $400k in valuation could be within your reach if you have $55,000 in finances when you co-invest with others.

This means you don’t owe the bank any mortgage, and rentals are pocket instead of using it to pay your loan. We hunt for inexpensive houses; prioritize value and quality.

2. Strategy

Have you got the resources—money, time, effort—to “repair up” a house?

Or do you lack time and require a more “set and forget” approach where the property takes care of itself without your intervention?

Newer homes might pay out with greater rent, nicer renters, and less maintenance, but older homes that need a makeover and repair will reap better capital gains when you flip them after a few months.

3. Capital Growth

Knowing the drivers for growth in the city, area, or suburb.

The best way to predict strong demand and capital growth are to figure out where there are jobs that people will relocate and live there.

The best approach is looking at the PIE (population, infrastructure, employment/economic drivers) factors.

The US is data-driven, and information is freely accessible for you to research.

For information, you can contact NSI to sign up for our Live Workshop to learn how to do the research.

4. Rental Yield

The aim for a sweet spot rental yield of $400 per week rental unit is 5.2%.

Higher yields of 6% – 7% are attractive.

Chasing 10% -15% yields may bring higher risk and volatility.

You want to stay within the 3% mark. Recognize the tenants who will pay a premium rent; they frequently choose modern homes in desirable areas.

5. Rental Demand

The proportion of available rental properties in a suburb is known as the Vacancy Rate (VR).

Under 2%, demand is strong; under 1%, the rental market is competitive, and there is high rental demand.

If the VR is at 3%, the market is balanced. It understands the local population and the needs of potential renters.

Do they prefer homes, condos, or townhomes/villas? It will help you focus your search.

6. Cash Flow Positive Or Negative

What will the property make me weekly?

The cash flow forecast includes rental income and expenses for the property.

Many investors often overlook this critical question.

Depreciation write-offs are essential whether you’re choosing a new or older property.

Some older properties seem cheap to buy and can cost as much as $80-100 per week to maintain.

Surprisingly, for newer properties, you’ll get more tax benefits from depreciation hence and more positive cash flow.


Following the above investment criteria can make finding the right property less emotional and stressful.

How do foreclosures affect the cost of nearby homes?

Homes that have been foreclosed generally sell at a discount, as the previous owners failed to maintain them or because lenders are ready to mark down properties to sell them quickly.

The values of surrounding houses often decrease as a result of foreclosures.

Remember, this is an investment asset attracting a particular type of tenant – not for you now.

Investing In Real Estate For Beginners

For newbies, the advantages of investing in real estate can be exciting.

You can be tempted to purchase the first property you find online.

Successful investors know that solid real estate purchases take time.

You will need to research to find good investment properties for sale and evaluate these for specific criteria to find the best investment, no matter the foreclosure predictions you find.

You can start by searching for properties with top real estate listing sites like Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, Foreclosure.com. and others.

Or you can join our investors and partners in building wealth and securing their future through intelligent investments with a hands-off approach – Noble Sky International can help you start your real estate investment journey during a recession.

You can schedule a 15- minute consultation call with us to learn more.







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