Most Profitable Hyperlocal Real Estate Investment In The USA For 2023

When referring to the term Hyperlocal Real Estate, we are looking at data (such as sales activity and prices of homes) to the smallest target area or demographic possible.

We look at local data such as demographic make up, median income, quality of schools, crime rates, jobs, and population growth in the area, etc.

This gives a more accurate picture of the value and potential of properties in the area.

Beginner investors look at the median sales price of houses sold in the United States – at Noble Sky International; we look for profitable hyperlocal real estate investments instead.

While many look for property forecasts, our team researched through the data and local contacts so we could find the home prices that are hyperlocal in the suburbs.

Rentals are the most unique real estate investment property type because of their regular occupancy and profitability.

The Federal Reserve delivered its latest monetary policy announcement, with the central bank hiking rates by 75 basis points, or 0.75 percentage points.

The Fed still has a way to fight inflation before it wraps up its tightening campaign.

We have good news if you want to know if you can get deals and steals in 2023.

Fact: Home prices in the United States are rising faster than incomes.

At the beginning of 2021, Americans need 18.1% of the median household income to purchase an average home with 20% down and a 30-year mortgage – now, it requires 22.4%.

Fact: The good news is that home prices are hyperlocal, not national. Most medians can be misleading.

Median Distortion

In many fast-growing coastal cities with severely restricted housing supplies, median distortion is especially prevalent.

The combined prices tend to push the national median upward.

The effect is two-fold.

It overshadows prices in slower-growing and hot markets with more elastic housing inventories.

On the hyperlocal level, where many first-time home purchases are concentrated, the lower-priced properties remain affordable.

Look at the active listings and days on the market for existing single-family homes.

Most Profitable Hyperlocal Real Estate Investment In The USA

Active Listing

Most sellers have their properties listed in the multiple listing service (MLS).

The database is where real estate agents list homes for sale (an active status).

Days On The Market

A house that has only been on the market a few days typically means that the home could go at the asking price or higher.

Homes that are on the market for a more extended time say 167 days, are likely to be overpriced in most markets.

Collateral Analytics Home Price Trends

The US is data-driven, and you can acquire daily sales tracking dataset that even show the overall US existing single-family home values for year-to-date sales, divided into $50,000 increments.

On closer inspection, even when the median price is approximately $350,000 – the highest concentration of sales is usually in the lower bracket of the more affordable $250,000 to $300,000 range.

In fact, on a hyperlocal level, more properties are placed well below the lower affordable prices.

In October 2022, the median listing home price in Los Angeles, CA, was $999K, trending up 5.2% year-over-year.

The median listing home price per square foot was $649, while the median home sold price was $915K.

In the heart of Los Angeles, there is an over-concentration of high-end home sales valued at upward of $2.9M.

Hyperlocal Real Estate Strategies

If you’re not thinking of using hyperlocal real estate, you’re missing out on valuable research and an excellent opportunity to invest in the USA.

What is hyperlocal real estate?

To take your research and make it hyperlocal real estate means you are reducing the location to its most specific area, subdivision, neighborhood, or even street.

For example, consider the famous everglades in sunny tropical Florida, USA.

You may be mistaken to think Miami, but Tallahassee became the capital of Florida, then the Florida Territory, in 1824.

Data from the 2021 Population Estimates Program show that the largest city in Florida is Miami (6,215,000) and Jacksonville (1,314,000), followed by Tampa (2,945,000).

As for Tallahassee, which has an area of 267 km², the population is a mere 197,102 in comparison.

If you aren’t from the area, it’s impossible to know the differences between these cities and why you’d want to choose one city over the other maybe – that’s where Noble Sky International comes in to help!

East Coast States

Our investment properties in populated cities along the East Coast, especially Jacksonville, Florida, have earned good Cash Flow Income for our investors and partners.

In Duval County, Florida, Jacksonville is the state’s most populous city.

The city offers some of the highest wages for blue-collar workers.

Local wage-paid employees live in blue-collar suburbs.

White-collar suburbs have professional, desk, managerial, or administrative workers like accountants, coders, project managers, underwriters, and finance professionals.

How Does Investing Hyperlocal Real Estate Benefit Foreign Investors?

The better you know the area, the more you can position yourself as THE local expert.

Hyperlocal investment properties focus on the population of a specific area for on-demand products and services that includes population growth and job opportunities.

Aside from budget, location, school district, house size, house condition, nearby amenities, future needs, and resale value

At Noble Sky International, our founder Rauf Said, always stresses this adage.

“Buy the ugliest house on the prettiest street. We can change the house, but we can’t change the street or neighborhood.”

Other considerations include pertinent information focusing on that neighborhood for shops, activities, locations, and events.

You may want essential real estate investment information like the number of homes built, the age of the community, local builders, average home price, and other valuable market statistics.

But if the area has no job opportunities, there will be little population growth.

Instead, you will find migration out from the area.

You can check other huge sites like Zillow, Trulia, and for property listings.

Being Hyperlocal On The Ground

Think Local.

Parents might be interested in knowing which schools are nearby and how they compare.

Are there wholesale stores nearby in the neighborhood? What about a diverse dining scene where you can easily find delicious, affordable meals?

How about local parks, children’s playgrounds, shopping places, attractions, or activities within walking distance?

Home Prices Are Hyperlocal.

Surprisingly there is also a cheap place to live in California.

Bakersfield, just under 2 hours drive from LA, has a median home price of just $254,430.

When you look at the median home prices, each state, county, and suburb is different.
Skewed data often occur due to lower or upper bounds on the data.

Although the US national median home price is a helpful benchmark – savvy investors find the most meaningful price trends are those measured at the individual hyperlocal market levels.

Most Profitable Hyperlocal Real Estate Investment In The USA

Why Are US Home Prices So High In Some Areas?

There are 50 states in the United States, divided into 3,143 counties.

Most US population lives in urban centers, with these cities again divided into smaller, larger, and mega-cities.

Home prices vary from city to city, so median values may not represent the entire market.

Even if they’re identical houses on the same block, the price can vary by up to 20%.

Many markets are affordable, either because of slow-growth economies or because of elastic supply.

The biggest culprit is the historic and enduring shortages of affordable housing.

Strong demand and low supply mean rising housing costs and higher prices.

The result of strong demand in a market with near perfect climate – is home prices that far exceed what the average home buyer can pay.

Several considerations go into determining where people want to live: location, cost of living, transportation, and the weather being a crucial factors for many who are wealthy.

All top cities with near-perfect weather with sunny days and zero freezing days are Hawaii, California, and Florida.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about renting or buying homes; the fact is that they remain unaffordable for most people.

When low-income earners find affordable housing is increasingly out of reach, they need to rent.

Rents are rising sharply too.

With Noble Sky International’s hyperlocal real estate investment strategies, we can help you expand your business in the United States.

For investors interested in building wealth and securing their future through intelligent investments with a hands-off approach – Noble Sky International can help you start your real estate investment journey.








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