Our Investment Strategy

Investing in real estate is a popular choice for good reasons, but it’s more complicated than owning your typical stocks and bonds.

Noble Sky employs several ways to generate returns for our clients.

Our investment strategies are underpinned by a set of deeply held beliefs.


The fundamental principles of real estate investing is to have the ability to build wealth in properties and secure for retirement.

The most successful real estate investors are not born lucky. They invest in learning, adapting and strategizing for the best gains.

Noble Sky has the fortitude and right forethought in finding real estate opportunities in the US property market and to secure these excellent investments.

“We know our numbers. Therefore we know our returns and net profits.”

With deals anchored in sound fundamentals, we believe that we know the market well enough to make right judgement calls that benefit our clients.


Many investors fail because they tend to overestimate income and underestimate expenses.

Individual property investors fail to anticipate a cash shortage and run out of money when they over leveraged on mortgage.

Noble Sky place heavy focus on the health of each project’s cash flow.

Our strategy is to acquire at a discounted price, renovate quickly and sell fast. You will want to move quickly and repeat this process with your next property.

#3: Make Money When You Buy, Not When You Sell

Our strength is our deep level research using data, to evaluate through a long list of auction properties to find profitable homes and land tracts to bid for during auctions.

We never pay near Market Value and always always buy acquire properties at Major Discounts.

We teach you to Make Money When You Buy, Not When You Sell.

We already made the profits upfront even if we sell slightly below market price.


Back in the day, real estate investing requires lots of patience and time. The rules have changed for our Clients when they learn that they can buy at a discounted price, renovate and sell (Flip) for a minimum of 30% profit.

We convene for real estate investors ‘fix and flip’ houses – use the cash flow generated to fund a long-term investment strategy.

As an investor, you can do this perpetually i.e. repeatedly with multiple properties instead of the proverbial “putting all your eggs” on a single property and wait for 30 years.


Our investment strategy includes rental income for passive investors who value receiving fixed rental income from tenants.

This is a strategy to generate passive income where you can receive monthly payment for your investment.

Noble Sky US Team manages the rental properties and takes care of all maintenance tasks, tenant management, long-term rentals and even Airbnb management on a selective basis.

We provide a bespoke solution for each client to position each investment based on their requirements to achieve maximum rental yield.

Your US Real Estate Journey

Min expected ROI is 30% (often more)

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