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Who founded Noble Sky?2020-05-11T02:17:14+00:00

Rauf Said is an experienced US real estate investor. He founded Noble Sky Group of Companies in 2014. His investment strategy based on data driven research fuels a growing appetite in Asia for dollar-denominated US property market.

Rauf works personally with individual investors and private fund management groups to advise on US real estate investments.

What is Noble Sky and how does it work?2020-05-11T02:18:52+00:00

Noble Sky is the ONLY Professional US Real Estate Investment Facilitation Company in Southeast Asia that sets up legal US business entities for foreigners to buy properties in the United States.

Investors decide on the particular asset to invest and the investment amount. Upon confirmation, you will fund your investment via wire transfer to a digital bank account that goes into the property acquisitions.

Investors will be notified once the property acquisition is completed. Investors will receive quarterly updates on the performance of the assets through a personalized portfolio page. Any distributions will be transferred back to the business entity and be paid back into your own digital bank account.

What are the benefits of investing in US real estate?2020-05-11T02:23:48+00:00

At Noble Sky, we let our customers be aware that there is a solution to their problem of buying properties in the traditional way using a mortgage. Our solution of buying using only cash, while leveraging on the wider investor community through co-investing options, places your investments in a much safer position, since there are no banks involved. This strategy also allows you to begin with lower capital commitments, and yet enjoy the benefits of owning profitable properties in the US.

“Make your best investment decision and connect with Noble Sky where we will personally help you accomplish your investment goals”.

Who invests through Noble Sky?2020-05-11T02:27:43+00:00

Noble Sky currently serves individual investors from middle managers, retirees, entrepreneurs, business owners, directors, bankers, lawyers, doctors, architects, developers and many other high net worth individuals who want to gain access to US real estate to diversify their investment portfolio.

Investors are interested in straight forward hassle free, US real estate investments find buying at up to 90% BELOW the market value very attractive in the huge US property market worth US$33,300,000,000,000.

What are the differentiating factors for Noble Sky?2020-05-11T02:36:53+00:00

Noble Sky employs a different approach to real estate investment. We acquire properties from auctions, foreclosures, and whole sale  properties in the US where we put our research through a rigorous deal evaluation criterion to only buy at huge discounts. Our principle of “Making Money On The Buy” will always underlie our decision for any acquisitions.

We see the transaction right through from research, auction process, acquisition, rehab, staging, and either selling or putting the property up to generate rental income.

Noble Sky comprises a US Team with deep market knowledge and strong operatives on the ground. At Noble Sky, we co-invest alongside our investors ensuring alignment of interests.

Investor Questions

What is Noble Sky International?2020-03-31T15:00:03+00:00

With the rapid expansion and growth of Noble Sky into the international market, we have rebranded to Noble Sky International.

Our focus will be on open, distance e-learning via one on one meeting, via zoom call or webinar classes.

How old is Noble Sky?2020-05-11T02:42:50+00:00

Noble Sky was founded in Singapore in 2014. The companies under Noble Sky flagships are

Noble Sky Capital, Noble Sky Core (in the US) and Noble Sky Institute.

How do I invest with Noble Sky?2020-05-11T02:44:50+00:00

Noble Sky concierge service includes a co-funding platform that allows investors to invest in US properties at smaller investment quantums. Opportunities are carefully researched, reviewed and presented to our clients who have set up their individual Business Entities in the United States.

Do I invest in Noble Sky?2020-05-11T02:46:59+00:00

Noble Sky is not an investment company or fund managers. There are no shares or trading of the shares in a portfolio. Investors do not give their investment monies to Noble Sky. We only facilitate the acquisition, management, rental and sales of the properties under each Investor’s Business Entities in the US.

What is Noble Sky’s position in relation to the investor?2020-05-11T02:58:34+00:00

Noble Sky facilitates the acquisition and management of the properties in an investor’s portfolio, acquired under his/her US Business Entity. Noble Sky has a fiduciary duty, holding a legal or ethical relationship of trust with the investors, which includes prudently managing of monies and assets in the investment portfolio.

How do I set up business in the US?2020-05-11T03:06:43+00:00

Every business in the US requires an Employer Identification Number (EIN) (also known as a Tax ID number) to start a business. You will need to register the business in the state you wish to operate in.

You may also need to apply for business permits and licenses, and open a US bank account.

At Noble Sky, we take care of every legal business requirement for you to get started, without going through any of the complications yourself.

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